Jamboree of moving delight

10 08 2004

Ugh. Cable was out last week. That’s ok. I don’t watch cable much. The internet is now out, and I won’t have it back regularly until the 24th! My life is ruined! Well… no, it’s not; but I’ll be tougher to get a hold of, so anyone who reads this regularly who wishes to talk to me should call. You know the bling. If you don’t, I’m not posting it here. šŸ˜€

I got my heavy wind rating for Techs yesterday, so now I can start hitting up larger boats. When I get the Badger sloop down, I’ll take any four people who want to out for sailing and maybe beer?

Moving is quickly becoming a hell. Lots of boxes to pack up and a huge storage space for all my vital things. I finally got my futon put away and have a place to live during the Movin’ Blues weekend, but there’s still so much to organize, and I still have to pay my first month’s rent. Blech!

Last night we dug up a yellowjacket nest. That was pretty crazy, especially seeing the queen, which is about 3X bigger than a normal yellowjacket. I may be working in a yellowjacket lab through the end of September… drool…

Well, I’m at work, and I’ve justified all I need to superficially. Diggin deep into my psyche doesn’t work so hot at work; but I do have some social rants, so stay tuned.





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