9 08 2004

I saw DMB on Saturday night with my sis. It was her first show. Here’s the set list:

Dave Matthews Band
August 7, 2004
Alpine Valley Music Theater
East Troy, WI

Hello Again
The Stone
Crazy Easy
So Much To Say –>
Super Freak* –>
Too Much
When The World Ends
Help Myself
I’ll Back You Up
Joy Ride
Grey Street
Sugar Will
Ants Marching
Typical Situation

* Abbreviated version, recognizing the death of Rick James

Crazy Easy, Help Myself, Joy Ride and Sugar Will all are new songs (I think) intended for the new album in fall. They played Super Freak, which was sweet as hell! Also, I was in a major Ants Marching mood, which we got to see. Unfortunately, they played Jimi Thing, One Sweet World, What Would You Say and Tripping Billies tonight, all of which I love and couldn’t see.

It’s funny. Lately, everyone’s been telling me that the things I like are bad. I saw The Village on Friday, and I thought it was great. Everyone’s been talking trash about it, though. Also, someone actually said that DMB’s show last night was bad. Man…

Concerning the “days”, I haven’t been keeping up. I hope to get back on track and make up for lost time tomorrow. Ciao.




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