Jemima Whut!?!?

6 08 2004

Ok. I’m a little buzzed on a Thursday night. My sis is in town, and I’m glad to find it only takes her a max of one Tae Kwon Do workout and four drinks to get her to pass out, because then I know she’s still a lightweight and not drinking all the time. Phew!

I have to finish two parts of my paper tomorrow morning, then I’ll be good on that.

I also found out that I may be able to get tickets to see Dave Matthews and Jurassic Five together. WHAT!?!?! No way… I’d pay anything up to frickin’ $50 to see Dave and J5 together. We’ll see tho. I probably won’t get them from my friend anywho.

Sleepy time… or rather pass-out-now-to-wake-up-at-a-semi-respectable-time-and-finish-my-paper-time.

Night to my peeps in America and buon giorno to my Italian bizzitciazze!




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