Jumpin Jack Flash

5 08 2004

Day 15 – Be gay for a day! – Ok, I didn’t do this one because all the suggestions the book has on how to be gay were undoable from my standpoint. I did, however, have Tyler take me shopping, and we actually acted like a couple without trying to be gay. Tyler commented on everything I was doing and tried to throw random weird things into the cart. After that, we went to Panera Bread and I treated for our meal. He acted like it was a date when we were ordering, then we ate outside. I personally don’t think we fooled anyone, least of whom was the cute Panera girl. Any comments Radley?

I’m working my ass into only a mild-mannered frenzy as I attempt to finish the second half of my six pager due on Friday. Meh. I’ll probably sleep late tonight and tomorrow morning.




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