Jiminy Cricket!

3 08 2004

Day 9 (7/29/04) – Do Something Before Breakfast Today – I woke up on Day 9 at 5:00 AM, said hell no, shut my alarm off and went back to sleep. On day 10, I got up at 5:00 AM, couldn’t walk because my toes throbbed and layed in bed trying to watch the sun rise, which wasn’t going on from my point of view… so I went back to sleep.

Day 10 – Meet Jonas Day – I needed to look up Jonas Jannson, a guy who keeps this blog based on following the book to the T. He seems pretty cool, and you can read his experiences for every day. I got his address off the page and plan on sending him a letter in Sweden soon. The web site for the book is www.thiswebsitewillchangeyourlife.com.

Day 11 – Today introduce yourself to someone you know but never speak to – I kind of did this without actively doing it. We had a party, and I talked to a bunch of people I never talk to. One of these days I’ll do it for real, though.

Day 12 – What’s Your Type? (Tick it here today as a reminder at drunken parties) – The options for girls: Dumb Blonde, Clever Brunette, Wild Redhead, Lesbian, Nag, Cold Fish. The options for guys: Beefcake, Mr. Nice Guy, Loaded, Married with Kids, Sleazeball, Handsome Prince. I marked Mr. Nice Guy because I feel like I do a lot of shit for people when I should be having fun, particularly at parties. I always help girls get home, even when they don’t plan on ever talking to me again; and I always stick around and help sick friends. I’m not saying these attributes are bad, but sometimes they get in the way of having fun. Oh well, you can’t change who you are inherently, can you?

Day 13 – Send a Letter to a Mass Murderer – Several ones are suggested with addresses given. I chose David Berkowitz, the “Son of Sam”. I looked him up on the Internet and dug up this. Turns out he’s Christian and asked for forgiveness, and denied himself his own parole hearing! WOW! So, I wrote this short letter:

Dear Mr. Berkowitz,

After researching what you have been doing lately, I was pleased to see that you have reformed your ways and are repentant for what you’ve done. I’m Christian as well and am glad you’ve found Christ. I’m going to pray tonight that you stay strong in your faith and continue on the path you’ve chosen for yourself. Good luck in your faith and in your life.

Collin A.

I plan on sending this off soon, but I can’t print here, so it will have to wait a little bit.

Day 14 (today) – A Day of Compliments – Flatter someone today and see if it does indeed get you anywhere – I complimented my co-workers, and they enjoyed the compliments, but I got little else in return. I had little other social contact today, but I’ll be sure to try it more in the future!

That’s it for today. I have much to do and a small time crunch in which to do it.

Wish me luck,




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