26 07 2004

Oof dah. A long, crazy weekend. Let’s start with Friday. I went to the historical last party at the Assatta co-op, which was pretty cool. Saturday involved buying food at the farmer’s market, then trying to sail in almost no wind. Sunday ruled. I sailed for nearly three hours and relaxed. Also, this weekend I made pizza from scratch, barbecue chicken, corn on the cob and apple raspberry cobbler. Ask me for some cobbler, cuz I’ve got a ton.

All right. On to the “days”.

Day 3 – Throw Something Away That You Like – I chucked a little hand spin drum that I got in Texas, I like it but rarely use it.

Day 4 – World Coloring-in Day Thanks for the colored pencils, Lindsay.

Day 5 – Mass Social Experiment – Cut out and stick this item to any item of public use. The aim is to achieve comprehensive social breakdown across the US. – I ‘ve stuck these on a garbage can, the door of my room and a few other places. I also plan on putting them on a mailbox and a few more things. I’ll update this is I do.

Day 6 – Today, write the opening sentence of your debut novel. – This one puts a lot of pressure on me, because I plan on taking this one seriously. Here’s what I wrote: “When she left the building, the first thing she noticed was the way he moved.” I have an idea of how I’d like to expand that. I want to write a novel during “National Write a Novel Month” in November, so we’ll see.

All right. If you have any responses to my stuff, feel free to post them.

Other interesting stuff has happened lately. Last night, my roommate Dave’s older sister stayed here. Dave went to bed early, but she stayed up drinking wine and watching The Last Samurai. I was making my raspberry apple cobbler and talking to her and watching the movie alternately. She kept saying strange things and touching me. Touching meaning rubbing my back and stuff most people wouldn’t do upon the first day of meeting someone. She also said that her “face usually isn’t this bad.” I think she was talking about acne. I don’t know if she was coming on to me or just a friendly person, but anyhow, nothing happened (thank God).

As a final thing, I’ve decided to give up on something I’ve cared about for the majority of the summer. To me, it’s not worth worrying about and if something comes later, then so be it, but I’ll enjoy what I have now.




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