Kalamazoo (for David)

21 07 2004

Ah. Sitting in the lab near leaving time, and I’m all alone. Looks like more Commodore’s Cup today. The competition today is “Hungry Hungry Hoofers”. Hmmm… Well, we’ll see. I hope it’s like a boat scavenger hunt or something. That would be a ton of fun, though I’m sure you’d have to bring back a dead fish or something like that. Dreck!

Today should be much better. I feel I’m finally over being sick, and I WON’T nap to ungodly hours of the morning. Also, I have a surprise for anyone who reads this ever. Today I am starting the first of 365 entries detailing my adventures with a book entitiled “This Book Will Change Your Life”. It has 365 pages, each with a new thing to do that, if followed through faithfully, should change my life. I hope that’s for the better. Anyhow, there will be one more update tonight regarding my first day, so I’m going to stop for now.




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