20 07 2004

Wow. It’s been a much better day today. The fog has lifted. I woke up feeling a ton better!!! YAY! No ore sore throat or sore neck! WOO! Can you tell I’m excited?

I went to the Commodore’s Cup today and raced a Tech for my very first time. It was three races… sooooo cool. It rained at least three times during/between each race, which was cool, since I was already wet. On the way back in it started pouring and the wind picked up. Thew wind caught so hard in my sail that when I pulled it tight, I could “hike out”. Pretty much that means you out your feet under a strap and hang your whole body over the gunwale of the boat to counterbalance the force on the sale. I was almost totally parallel with the water and right over it, which was freakin’ awesome!

I also got to see Lindsay, whom I hadn’t seen all weekend and whom I needed to see to officially turn around the shitty weekend (plus Monday). Ah, so nice. Thanks Linds.




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