19 07 2004

Today’s subject is brought to you by this…

Man, it’s funny how you can have such ups and downs.

It began on Thursday with a major down. I was sick with what the UHS people call a virus but I call my own minor hell. I went home early from work and took a nap that developed into a monster neck ache that I still have. yuck….

Then I started my Commodore’s Cup festivities , which were fun, yet made me sicker I believe. They definitely didn’t help my neck. Then that night (Friday, now) I was in major pain and skipped on any social anything to lie in bed for three hours trying to sleep and almost wanting to cry from my neck pain every time I moved.

The next day I did more Commodore’s Cup things, got sicker and more painful, but had a fun night partying for the cup. Later, I met with my friends August who I walked around with and chatted. Then Melby came up for Hartford (?) and stayed with me, which was super-cool. That’s one for the upper category. Went to bed earlier than a usual weekend from pain. Another downer.

Today I woke up and Melby and I hit up Mickey’s Dairy Bar for our first times, which was awesome but filling (and cheap!) We then went to Urgent Care to have me checked out again and I found out UHS was right. I have a cold, and it’s a huge bitch. The doc gave me meds for the neck pain, but if I f’ed something up, it might stay that way, meaning chiro time again. downer.

Melby and I hit up 36 holes at a monster mini-golf course, which kicked a lot of ass. Then I came home, we had Charley’s subs (which I liked this time) and talked to Scanner Dan (another story for another time). This was fun.

I left Melby to his own devices and went home for a nap. The meds helped me oversleep to meet August at Spiderman 2. He called ten minutes before and woke me up to ask if I was coming, and I said yeah, so he said he’d meet me outside the theater. I got there and there was no August. Bought my ticket, no August outside the screening room, either. I pretty much tried calling him a couple times, hung in the back of the theater, then gave up and sat in the back. I was pissed at first but just kind of resigned to it. I saw him after the show and gave him shit about it, but I pretty much let it go. No sense worrying right? You don’t talk to people during movies anyway.




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