Kill me… not really

16 07 2004

Yeah. So I’m feeling like shit again. Ugh. Neck kills and my ear hurts like it’s infected. I hope the people at UHS (God bless their only slightly competent hearts) didn’t misdiagnose me. If I have menengitis, I’m gonna be pissed… and maybe not so well off, lol.

I started my Commodore’s Cup festivities at Hoofer’s today. I met my team and my captain. We also saw all the crazy costume themes for the party. All the team names have to do with boats. We’re “Shaken, not Stern” with the old Bond theme. Pretty cool. There’s also the “Naked People Agency” that wears trenchcoats and blazers with nothing on underneath. Theres the bondage group (not sure of the name), which is about 7 guys and one girl. They all wear handcuffs and crazy shit. There’s “Fahrenheit 420: The temperature at which Techs burn” who are doing a “mockumentary”. There’s “Techs 101” who are doing the whole Techs education thing and making sure that people have safe Techs. They even have Techs tips. HAH! Here’s Rule #3 for Safe Techs: Do not jump in the water naked with an inflatable giant penis, at least not in front of the Union Terrace during family hours. (This is based upon past experience where the police deemed this to be a BAD idea.) LOL! There’s “The Striped Mullets” which is self-explanatory. There’s “The Refeerees” too, who have a triple meaning to their name.

So I guess it’s gonig to be a great next seven days full of judge bribery, a bit of booze, a ton of fun, some tasty food and more. I’m sure I’ll update, but feel free to ask me how goes it. Till then, I’m feelin shitty, so I’m out.




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