Lay the fuck down and die…

13 07 2004

Not for the squeamish or people who are grossed out by feet. Lots of swearing, too

DAMMIT! GOD! I have to write this down now because I’m sure I couldn’t capture the raw pain tomorrow. My little toe is on fucking fire. I feels like someone took a red hot iron and branded me there, and now just sitting here, it throbs. I can feel every fucking pulse of blood that goes through it.

Imagine bumping the side of your foot on something lightly. Wouldn’t hurt much, right? Well, every goddamn time I bump mine, a fucking demon spawn from hell shits acidic lightning on my toe. I took a painkiller four hours ago, and I’m about to mosey over to the sink and take another one so I can get to sleep. JESUS! Believe me, I’ve already said my prayer.

There. I took the pill. Let’s hope it works. Seriously, I’m just sitting here and getting these random bumps of pain more than ten minutes after the last time I hit my toe on something. What the fuck!?!? The doc prescribed me the codeine for my ingrown toenail, and that didn’t hurt at all, but the last three times he’s used the fucking cantharadine on my toe, it’s blistered like a fucking Macy’s Day parade balloon! I need to tell him what kind of pain this is. 8/10 with 10 being unbearable and 0 being no pain. MAN… Deep breaths…

I’ve found that deep breaths is a way to dissociate from the pain. You feel it, but it’s far off…

Man… good, the stuff’s taking affect. Sigh. Bed, finally.




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