Led-del to the Zeppel(in)

10 07 2004

Ah, so much relaxation can last so much, right? Man, I have no time to write serious, deep thoughts anymore. Oh well, I’m having a great time. Went to the Great Outdoor Games ’04 today with Lindsay. Sweeeet… We saw the speed climb (race to the top of a 60′ tree with a rope and grippy shoes) and the Superweave, which is a dog competition where dogs weave in and out of these wickers. I could tell you the winner, but I won’t spoil it. Check out the games on ESPN and ESPN2 and ESPN8 “The Ocho” starting the 14th.

We went sailing today as well. Twas my first time doing everything without an instructor, which was awesome. The wind was pretty low, but we got out far enough for the water to be a little less dirty (if you know Lake Mendota at all), then we jumped in. It was a nice cold dip for the warm day.

Last night was a bit of fun. Lindsay and I headed out to the Asada co-op (apparently named after Asada Shakur, Tupac’s mom). We (Lindsay, Tammy and I) went out on the dock and drank up some tasty boxed wine (red Franzia of course). After a bit of it, we decided to head back, and “someone” (here is another paranthetical phrase because it seems I’m attached to them) fell into some rocks and got a bruise. Alls I’m allowed to say is it wasn’t me…

Tomorrow may be more fun yet. Crazy hockey Lindsey from Minnesota who’s not really crazy, is in town, and we may be hanging out tomorrow. We’ll see. Also, there may be a bit more sailing tomorrow as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a bit more real writing soon. If not, it’ll pick up when my class is over.

Well, it’s off to a party real soon here, and I know a few people there, so I’ll bid all you readers adieu.

Buona notte.




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