6 07 2004

Yeah. I just asked Lindsey if she wanted to go out, and it was a response I had feared to a degree. “Yes and no.” She wants to go out with me but she has old ties with a guy she’s not going out with but has unresolved issues.

I told her that it wasn’t such a let down, but really it’s just not as much of a one as it always has been for me. With other girls I psyched myself up so much, and I hardly knew them well. This time I was just getting myself ready to ask a friend out. I felt I knew her so well, and that made it so much easier to ask her out, and we’re still friends (with a still possible chance?) so I don’t have to get bummed about ruining anything.

It’s just that for once I found a girl who was truely gorgeous and fun and interesting and smart and fit, and I thought she was right for me. Maybe she is, but that’s a big “maybe”. I think it’s more one of those things I’ll have to let go, because waiting around for it ain’t gonna make things any better, it’ll only make it worse.

So, in conclusion, I get to lament the loss of another good one (see Jackie) and get to stop worrying about girls so goddamn much. (And cut the stupid online shit, too.)

Now it’s time for sleep.




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