Lazy and limber

2 07 2004

Yay! I’m heading home tomorrow con mi amigo David. Sweet.

I’m currently at work and sitting on my ass with NO one else in the lab because my boss left early, so everyone else followed suit. I need to get paid AND finish my work here, so I’m around until at least 4:30.

I finished my second sailing lesson yesterday and am feeling really good about it. Hopefully I’ll get rated on my next class, then anyone may feel free to beg me for rides because I’ll love it. Speaking of watersports, Lindsey may be taking me out for my very first EVER kayaking expedition. So cool.

As far as my class goes, it seems I’m hooked on beetles. We’ve had the Japanese beetles all over the trees here on campus, Lindsey found a stag beetle for me, and I’m doing my first oral presentation on usaing weevils to control thistle on ranches and in national parks and camgrounds. I’ve seen more live XXX beetle sex action in the last month than ever in my life. Nuts, huh?

I’m getting more and more in the mood to make music, and I’m wondering what to pursue. I think it would be really cool to learn how to produce music, so I could make beats just from a small home studio. Concerning instruments, I hear there are a lot of hard up music students willing to teach hard up non-music students instruments like piano and guitar, and I’d love to get back into piano and/or get serious about guitar (as serious as you can be). We’ll have three guitar players in our house next year at one point, and I’d love to be able to play a bit.

On the subject of things I’d like to get going would be writing. Obviously I’m doing this, which I think is getting me ready for larger stuff. Just motivating myself to sit down and write makes thinking about writing much easier. I want to do fiction, as one could tell by my prior entries. I think my big goal right now might be to do larger and larger things until November, which is write a novel month. At that point, I think I’ll work on pounding out the rough draft of a longer story idea I have. The idea is to get your entire book done in a month, which I think I could do (though it may not be up to Grisham or King-size standards). šŸ˜€ All I need to do is remember to keep working on it.

Life is good. That’s a scary thing to say because it usually means you’re in for a hit. Hopefully mine will be equivalent to some bad milk or something like that. I just need to rememeber to appreciate all I have. Especially family.

Oops, two minutes until I have to add trichloracetic acid to mosquito blood. Odd, huh? It’s a living, right? Meh.

Well, I’d better go then. Home for the weekend. High ho Bucky, AWAY!




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