28 06 2004

Hey hey hey (Krusty style)! I’m back. Man, what a weekend. My future roommates Chris and Jeff were up, as well as ex-floormate Kevin. I also partied with a ton of other friends. It’s too bad it ended up being mostly guys. We all know the term for those parties.

I started learning sailing stuff this weekend. I took my first Board course (windsurfing), and it was a ton of fun. The second day got cancelled due to weak-ass wind, so I couldn’t get rated, thus I can’t check a board out and practice. Suck! It’ll be at least another week before I can get a lesson since I’ll be gone this upcoming weekend. I’ll be taking a “Tech A” lesson on Wednesday to hopefully get rated sailing a Tech dinghy (tons of fun), then I can take a friend or two out! YAY! Please feel free to beg for rides.

Otherwise, things are well. My bugs love me, and I love them. I actually somehow forgot my collection at the Union, and someone found it and called. I feel bad for whoever it was.

Well, I’m too ready for bed to write any kind of fiction, so you’ll have to be happy with the joke of my life. Lol. Enjoy and good day to you, sir.




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