25 06 2004

Wow, when lightning strikes, it strikes hard and continuous. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience so many amazing things these last two weeks. Number one was my trip to the west. That was great! I’ve got a ton of bugs, and you’re welcome to see any of them. Hah! Actually, a few of them look really cool.


The people on the trip were great, and that sparked off my series of getting to know new people. I got to know five new people, one of which got married during the beginning of our trip (but not on it. He met us on our way out to Wyoming).


Just today I took ground school for Hoofers. I also joined for a year and signed up for windsurfing lessons this weekend. Awesome. This will be something I’ll enjoy thoroughly. Hopefully by August I’ll be able to take friends out in smaller boats. 😀


Also after I got back, I started hanging out with people I haven’t hung out with much before, which has been truly cool. I’ve had some fairly deep conversations, and I’ve also been able to add to my list of Madison’s more “colorful” folk I’ve talked to. The last two were nuts!


One was a guy who must have been tripping on shrooms. He was nice, but he had too many ideas all at once. The friend I was with when we met him said he was like the White Rabbit (a la Alice in Wonder Land). Curiouser and curiouser…


The other I met today. His name is Robert Vernon McGee. He was walking down the street singing to himself and carrying three old fishing poles. He asked a couple ladies (very politely and not creepily at all) if they wanted to hear about the fish he caught that was as big as him. They laughed and kept walking, then he asked me if I wanted to. I had time so I said yes.


Instead of talking about his catch, he told me he’d tell me a poem that would make me want to kiss him (except then he’d call the police). He said he was 47 years old and had spent three years in jail for drunk driving (no one was hurt). Over those three years, he wrote a poem. It was a long one, recited entirely from memory that sounded a lot like the spoken word style. The title was something like “From the beginning of the world to the end of the world; the devil and the government twist you up”. The first half for sure, but the last part wasn’t “twist you up”. Anyways, it was amazing and probably lasted five minutes, and it was all about government corruption, drugs, chemicals, god and satan, technology and war.


Before hand he said he needed $6 to hop the bus back to Chicago and help his mom out, who had broken her hip. He said if the poem impressed me, I could give him some money or just tell him my opinion. After the poem, he didn’t mention the money but continued to tell me how I shouldn’t mess up my life by doing something stupid (college style) and getting thrown in jail. He said the littlest thing could go wrong, and you could end up on the wrong side of the bars. I was really impressed because he meant every word.


I told him it was worth $3, but I found that I only had a one and a five. I felt like he needed it more than me, so I gave him the $5. He said, “Now I only need one more, then I’m leaving.” His breath smelled a little like beer, but he wasn’t super dirty and crazy. I think just down on his luck. I believed everything he said.




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