Mashing Buttons

11 06 2004

Wow. I just discovered the local arcade I never knew we had. It’s a place called ping time, and all they have is old arcade games. I love it. Just to give you a taste, I’ll be giving a couple game reviews, which, expecially with the old games, usually sound ridiculous.


Truly one of my faves. You play a ship that is protecting itself from various insectoid attacking ships. Most are like flies or bees and they shoot lasers. There’s a bigger one that’s often accompanied by the regular ones when it attacks, and it takes two hits to kill. It looks something like a spider’s mouth (with the pincers.) My dad actually showed me the secret on this one. If you know the game, listen up. The bigger ships send out a ray once per level. If you have any spare lives, go directly under the ray, adn the big ship will abduct you and turn your ship evil. You lose a life at the moment, but if you can shoot the big ship before the level’s over, you get two ships shooting at once. So sweet. Just don’t accidentally shoot your ship. (This is the only video game my dad admits to liking.)

Ms. Pac Man

Truly superior to Pac Man, this game involves a yellow dot with a bow, lipstick, and a mole on it. Odd? Si. The yellow dot, names Ms. Pac Man, eats smaller white dots and various fruits and pretzels. Four ghosts chase it, and they’re named Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. When the yellow dot eats a flashing white dot, the ghosts turn blue and it can eat them. Fun, huh? Actually it is, so stop making fun of me… This game actually has a preset pattern for the ghosts to travel to attack Ms. Pac Man. Some guy figured it out and got the highest possible score. It’s on video somewhere. Weird.

Discs of Tron

I just discovered this game today. It’s based on the 80s movie Tron, and it is a ton of fun. The game has some crazy 3D graphics, a blacklight, and some surround sound. Not too shabby for a vintage arcade game. The premise is that you, Tron, are inside a video game, fending for your life. You are on a platform and your opponent is, too. You throw discs at each other to knock each other off the platform. You also get a deflector shield to block your opponent’s attacks. The cool thing about this game is, you control Tron with one joystick and use a knob to aim your shot, so the two are independent of each other. You can also fight on multiple levels and with multiple platforms. I love it, and I’ll be goin’ back for more.


Finally, we get to my favorite classic. The setting: deep space. The plot: You are the “spaceship” VAUS, going up against an evil being. The reality of the game: VAUS is actually just a little bar that you control with a knob. It’s a lot like breakout. You just keep the ball in play and try to break away all the bricks. What makes this ten times better than breakout is that there are trippy-ass power-ups like one that extends your ship, one that catches the ball, one that splits the ball into as many as 20 more balls, and one that lets you shoot lasers to get rid of the blocks. The game at ping time is called “Arkanoid on steroids” or something like that. Teh actual sequel’s called “The Revenge of DoH” (cool name), and it has all sorts of cool extra power ups.

Well, that’s it for the reviews. Let me know if you have a different fave or agree with me at all. I have a couple crazy stories to tell, but they’ll have to wait till I get back from the west. This is my last entry until then, so keep your sticks on the ice.




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