Mid-World Meat Market

8 06 2004

Oh, Jesus Christ, how I hate making phone calls,
so I lead a lonely life. – Mason Jennings

Made my best homemade meal yet. Angel hair carbonara from the back of a Noodle-Roni box. Sooooo goods. I got the recipe, had most of the stuff (lunch meat ham instead of tasty ham, frozen peas) then I got a little creative (sauteed mushrooms). Mmmmm… I even have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Yay.

The feets is doing better, though I DO like taking vicodin and need it… not like I need my crack, though.

Sorry for the faithful readers, but no creative fiction (or fact?) tonight. Packing for Wyoming and cleaning my nmaddog room have got me working hard enough. Ok, you called me on it. I haven’t started packing yet… but I’m thinking about it! … yes… yes, I am. Ohhh… still so full from dinner. Can’t move. Can someone roll me out the door into the living room?

In addition to having the best meal yet, this is the stupidest entry yet. I’ll blame it on the whiskey and painkillers.

Ok, well, a short entry. If I don’t get back before I leave, I’ll have a ton to write when I get back.




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