2 06 2004

Short entry. Busy day tomorrow. Up an hour earlier than usual (6:30) which is in six hours. Amazing. Then it’s work till five. After that I write a story on the Mifflin Block Party for the SOAR kiddos (which I hope will be out all summer :). After that I’ll probably grab some unhealthy food and help copyedit at the office so we can print the issue. No stress, right? That’s actually almost what I’m looking forward to. I miss Tae Kwon Do, though… I’ll be hitting that up on Thursday I think. Still need to join that sailing club, too. All in time… and money, I guess. There’s a big crunch going on lately with the dinero. We’ll get through. We always do, don’t we, voices in my head? Serenity now! Serenity now!




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