Oi, nothin’ doin’!

17 03 2004

Jeez, I should be doing homework or something, but once again, I’m just sitting around. Took the dog for a walk and tested out my new hiking boots. Right before that I brought lunch for my sister to my old high school. Cousin’s subs and shamrock shakes for St. Paddie’s Day. Man, has my high school changed. There’s lots of new stuff everywhere, and I hardly recognize any of the kids anymore. Oh well, I care about the school but not that much. I’m on to bigger and better things, now.

Plans for the rest of the day:
1. Get new glasses
2. Maybe clean some of my junk up
3. See my dad, who’s been gone for half of my break
4. Play some poker tonight

Ugh, tired again, might need to take a nap! 😉




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